The A69 architectural studio was established by three partners (all born in 1969) in the small town of Cheb some twenty years ago. Since then we have several dozen projects and finished buildings to our credit in various locations throughout the Czech Republic.
Our designs cover a broad range of projects from interior design to houses, public buildings, health care, and office blocks, up to urban and spatial planning; although a significant number of our projects comprise of dwelling houses from single-family villas to housing developments to apartment blocks.
Our designs are regularly published in architectural magazines home and abroad and several of them have been awarded a Grand Prix – National Architecture Award. The partners teach architecture at local universities.
In our case, digitizing was the quest for the right tool. The studio started its work without any computer – all was hand drafted and hand written. The first attempt to design using computer came in 1997 but the programme we bought did not communicate well with the rest of the team. So we turned to the programme with the most significant user base. It was sufficient for 2D drafting and sharing with collaborators but failed to provide any layer for easy, quick and visually pleasing presentation purposes. In 2004, ten years after establishing the studio, we changed our main designing tool yet again, this time for good.
Using it we are able to handle small and big projects alike, we can quickly present our ideas to clients and make changes easily. It allows us to meet deliverables in shorter time with less effort and fewer errors. And while easy to use, we can employ only architects, no draftsmen are needed.

Ing. arch. Boris Redčenkov (*1969, Cheb)
authorised architect of the Czech Chamber of Architects, no. 02 625, graduated 1994 from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in the studio of prof. Ladislav Lábus

Ing. arch. Prokop Tomášek (*1969, Liberec)
graduated 1994 from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in the studio of prof. Ladislav Lábus

Ing. arch. Jaroslav Wertig (*1969, Cheb)
graduated 1997 from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in the studio of prof. Ladislav Lábus. A member of the board of governors of the Czech Architectural Fund, the editorial board of the journal ARCHITEKT (now entitled ad Architektura), editor of the yearbook Česká architektura 2002-03

Tomáš Amtmann, Barbora Vlčková - Kopečná, Marija Nikolič, Petr Janda, Michal Pokorný, Lukáš Brom, Petr Brožek, Dragan Bekič, Adam Gebrian, Linda Hekrlová, Erik Hocke, Roman Klimeš, Tomáš Koňařík, Lenka Mašková, Jitka Macáková, Martina Novotná, Michal Nohejl, Jan Rosický, Vítězslav Danda, Martin Vybíral, Pavel Jahelka, Pavel Vávra, Tomáš Vávra, Miroslav Petrtýl, Lukáš Balvín, Jakub Krčmář, Zuzana Urbancová, Tomáš Bárta, Barbora Havrlová, Lukáš Komín, Pavla Enochová, Šárka Andrlová, Cyril Nešleha, Kateřina Hejná, Martin Fornůsek, Jiří Neuvirt, Petra Čížková, Ondřej Soukup, Ondřej Buš  (architects); Matěj Šišolák (PR); Jolana Moravcová, Alice Šmídová (office assistance).

they wrote about us:

2008 - Aedes and A69 - architects, s.r.o.
Ladislav Lábus (Architect and pedagogue, Faculty of architecture, CTU, Prague)
The number 69 in the name of this studio has not been derived from some unfruitful position, but on the contrary, it means the birth. All three Boris Redčenkov, Prokop Tomášek and Jaroslav Wertig were born in 1969, the year after the Prague and the Parisian spring. They were born on the threshold of normalization and at the same time in the fall of the 60-ies that affected enormously not only my generation. The year 1969 did not mean only the definitive end of the Prague spring and death of the hope for changes both in the east and the west but also the protagonist of culture of the 60-ies began to die. The death of one of them, the most independent experimenter Jimi Hendrix hit me in particular. Prokop is playing with his compositions up to this day.
All three went through my studio on the faculty of architecture and stayed up till the graduation. At first Boris and Prokop and later also Jaroslav. The time of normalization did not affect them too much, but on the contrary, it was a certain indirect help for them. Exactly due to the tedious environment of normalization they were so greedy to search and create as well as study and understand architecture, absorb the way of thinking and perception of an architect. And at the same time this need of searching and defining their own vision of the world and the attitudes with which they could identify themselves.
They rushed into the praxis with the same hunger fourteen years ago. They founded their own office Atelier 69 immediately after the faculty graduation. Their projects, expect the basic dictionary and design direction have not been characterized by a formally unified expression. They are not based “only” on the good quality and aesthetically mature design of plants, premises and facades but also follow closely the assignment. Every time they are beginning evidently from the basic questions of the project. It is characterised by a typical feature of their buildings – expressive concept that has been drawn close up to the reality, often on architecture are not peculiar to them, but on the contrary, they are following consequently the birth of new approaches and values.
Imro Vaško (Institute of visionary architecture Bratislava)
The A69 are making a very “sexy” impression on the strict Czech architectural scene. The guys managed to break the cliché of temperance and baseless dreariness and return the Czech architecture from the local grey egocentrism into the international context, where it had always belonged in the past, The Baroque ease, functionalistic revolution, modernistic brave, cinematographic imaginativeness, nation irony and intellectual cheerfulness are historically encoded genetic features of the Czechs and the A69 were able to unlock them for architecture. “Sexy guys” managed to create their own and on the Czech scene unique, at least pioneer platform of architectural thinking of the contemporary complicated global world. The A69 – architects succeeded to “get rid of provincialism, historism and modernism and build up the trends of landscape for the people. This studio has all the features of the contemporary “fresh” architecture – topicality, attractiveness, influence, communicativeness as well as the pop and star character. But most important is that their projects are scenarios offering solutions. The y are able to impeach the deep-rooted ideas and relieve the profession of an architect of prejudices. Just like some of the famous architects also the A69 are functioning as a band. We could simply label them “boys band”, this due to media impact of their “sexy” architecture. Their international success is the result not only of their provocativeness, but also readability and understandability. And this is what I believe predestinates their brilliant career!
Imro Vaško – architect, pedagogue, chair of School of Architecture on the VŠVU (University of arts) in Bratislava and head of the Laboratory of Architecture. He gives lectures and his active as a guest reviewer on the schools of architecture (Columbia University NY, RISD Providence, RICE Houston, die:angewandte and UBK Wien…), he was a co-author of the Czechoslovak pavilion on the Biennial of architecture in Venice (2000)